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            Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.,Ltd 上海佳豪 BESTWAY LOGO
            CompanyName:Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.,Ltd - BESTWAY
            CompanyIdea:The pursuit of improved services, technical innovation! 
            CompanyAddress:Caohejing Development Zone, Songjiang District, Shanghai Xin Brick Road, Building 518, No. 10 map
            CompanyBrief:Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (BESTWAY) was founded in October 29, 2001, is currently the largest and most powerful professional civilian ship and ocean engineering research and design integrated business, is one of the domestic ship tech first listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company (stock code: 300 008). Company as the industry's first national high-tech enterprises in China Classification Society and the first to receive ships and offshore facilities d...
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