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            上海佳豪 BESTWAY LOGO
            Company Introduction

            < IMG style = "MARGIN: 4px; FLOAT: left" src = "http://www.shjiuwei.cn/logos/width665height/2011/0625/310/%B9%AB%CB%BE%BD%E9%C9%DC//cn/docpic/20110625240001.jpg "> Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (BESTWAY) was founded in October 2001 29, is currently the largest and most powerful professional civilian ship and ocean engineering research and design integrated business, is one of the first class domestic shipping technology in Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed company (stock code: 300 008) . Company as the industry's first national high-tech enterprises in China Classification Society and the first to receive ships and offshore facilities designed to the highest qualification certificate of technology assessment, eight years have been independently developed and designed a 300-type ship for the user successfully delivered more than 1,000 vessels of various ships and ocean engineering projects, the development of products to achieve a world first, seven reached first in the country, and has seven patents and four patent application rights, also received a number of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological advances first prize, second prize, patent awards, etc., full BESTWAY committed to creating "a leading, world-class" brand long-term goals and development potential.

            with domestic and international shipping industry and shipbuilding industry has a wide range of good partnership, with the most complete, including research and design, basic design, detailed design, production design and technical supervision of the technical service chain, can provide customers with a variety of transport ships, marine engineering and ship, special ships and auxiliary ships and other military project design, consulting, and also provides electrical and mechanical items ship project supervision (supervision), investment adviser and a full range of design engineering services contract. Company introduced the "colleagues holding pattern" of the governance structure and a flexible and efficient market-oriented operation mechanism has been training and the introduction of a large number of ships and ocean engineering R & D design team of talents and expertise, the company consists of marine engineering and marine engineering two design center, and professional design department has three ship, a marine engineering design department and a digital design information center. Existing in-service professional and technical personnel 357, which have senior professional titles, more than 150 senior engineers and professional titles, more than 79, researchers and senior engineers 18.

            company has formed a powerful computer-aided design capabilities, and build a more complete co-design information platform, in addition to some self-developed design software, also introduced domestic and foreign professional design software: If TRIBON, NAPA, HYDROSTAR, ARIANE, NASTRAN, MASTERSHIP, SB3DS such as overall performance, seakeeping, structural finite element analysis software, and all three-dimensional modeling software designed to ensure that the design level and efficiency on the rise. Based on the company 10,000 square meters of standard construction of digital ship design highly intelligent, modern R & D building for the opening of the full realization of the digital ship's design goals, to further enhance the various types of ships and ocean engineering equipment design capabilities, R & D level, reached the international advanced level in the design cycle has laid a solid foundation.

            company continued to rely on the full range of technological innovation and R & D investment , the design has been fully equipped to meet all international classification society standards, international conventions of various large scale, complex modern transport ships, passenger ships, special vessels and offshore vessels and equipment, operational capacity, and handy size bulk carriers, general cargo ships, multipurpose ships, sulfur carriers, new asphalt dedicated carriers, chemical tankers, large crane, marine pipe-laying ship, dump reproduced platform, sea pushers set, hydraulic-type tugs, large floating pile driver sand pile ship, special ship and VLCC and concrete mixing and other modifications VLOC ship design technology has made the market leader. In addition to the ship's design to the domestic market, many products are also exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries, by domestic and foreign industry attention and praise.

            company a wholly owned subsidiary Shanghai Jia ship engineering equipment supervision China Association of Plant Engineering Co., Ltd. is the vice chairman of the unit, the existing full-time supervision of more than 50 senior engineers, and has received national qualification of equipment and supervision units in Shanghai engineering equipment supervision unit Class A qualification. Inception in 2004 has been for domestic and foreign ship owners and the owners supervision and supervision of more than 100 ships and marine engineering products, and more than 30 hydraulic cranes and supervision of the project, is currently one of the largest ship supervision units.

            BESTWAY will always uphold the" people-oriented, technological innovation " philosophy, the "pursuit of perfect service, technical innovation," the quality and the "product qualified rate 100%, 100%customer satisfaction rate," the quality of the goals, efforts to create domestic enterprises have the most internationally competitive and innovative marine and offshore engineering science and technology enterprises. We will develop a more enterprising spirit of dedication to provide our clients with thoughtful, comprehensive, quick-class technical services.

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